42 years of Hands on Experience

5th Generation remodeling services

Then came his 2 sons that continued in like fashion.

You can say "it is in their blood" to build / remodel / restore.

There came another son, then another. Soon we have a great - great grand son that carries on a family tradition of trade.

We build from the bottom up, and take great pride in our heritage to complete in well regards as to what we begin.

Our fathers father, was indeed a constructionist. It started in his back yard when he was 14 years old. He built his first garage by himself. But didnt own a car to put in it. Yet knew he would need the garage. He was a planner.

His son went on to become Rowans countys first aluminum / vinyl siding home improvement dealer. Employing 45 men daily to oversee the industry throughout North and South Carolina.