Restoration Services

Reputation is everything when it comes to building, restoring, or remodeling.

We have over 42 years of hands on experience from room additions, kitchens, baths, flooring to all exterior renovations as well.

You are able to communicate directly with the owner, construction site manager, and job superintendent once your project is under way until its completion.

You do not have to deal with high pressured salemen, nor non commited estimators for your projects.

We communicate daily with our customers to keep them informed of our accomplishments for that day, and also as to our focus for the next day on the job. 

Remodeling Services

Remodeling takes many forms, shapes and sizes. 

We fit your need, macthed with our abilities and expertise in each area of your concern for your contract.

With over 42 years of hands on time in construction we have experinced quite a bit of "on the job" training. 

We are not new at what we do for you.


         M.E. Construction


Its ME TIME !!


42 years - 5th Generation